THE NEW YORK TIMES: CRITICS PICKS; Review: ‘Imagining the Imaginary Invalid,’ About Absence and Art Making

By LAURA COLLINS- HUGHESJAN. 27, 2016 (Link to article)


THEATER SECTION; Honoring Mom (and Molière) With 'Imagining the Imaginary Invalid

By ALEXIS SOLOSKI Jan 7th, 2016


THEATER SECTION; Still Imagining the Imaginary with Ruth Maleczech

By Matthew Paul Olmos December 9th, 2015


NEW YORK TIMES: THEATER REVIEW; James Joyce's Daughter, Scars and All     By NEIL GENZLINGER   Published: April 25, 2003

"...Clove Galilee is a young Lucia, frustrated in love, fighting a losing battle with schizophrenia, feeling the limitations of being the child of a famous writer.

...certainly in ''Cara Lucia'' Mabou Mines also enjoys experimenting with language and augmenting it with well-matched music by Carter Burwell and assorted projections and choreography. Some of it is quite moving, like a moment in which the old and the young Lucia dance in a blue light. And the fade-out that closes this odd and oddly compelling work is subtle and beautiful."


NEW YORK TIMES:THEATER REVIEW; Tin Tin, a Rhino, Meets a Monkey, and ...        By D. J. R. BRUCKNER   Published: April 12, 2000

"...Not that Ms. Galilee will ever be upstaged by mere music; in her lines and even in songs, whenever she can stammer a ''who'' or a ''what'' in an exaggerated New York accent, she produces a chattering so like a monkey's that everything stops till the audience gets itself back together....

Everyone involved in ''Animal Magnetism'' -- from Eve Beglarian, the composer, to Manuel Lutgenhorst and David Overcamp, the lighting designers, to Judson Wright, the animator, to the six people in the wings who keep Tin Tin and Cherry aloft -- is in top form, and to be among them and their work for even a short time is a rich experience."