How the Center came to be:

The brain-child of Clove Galilee and Jenny Rogers (the dynamic duo behind the NY theater company Trick Saddle), The Center for New Work is a multi-venue roving institute for the development and presentation of cutting edge performance and visual art. Started in 2016, the Center was created to fulfill the need for artistic support, intellectual exchange, and Arts Residencies in the Bay Area. Our hope is that the Center will help struggling artists who want to live and make work here. It is essential to support artists in the Bay Area now— at a time when the NEA is under attack and creative thinking, strategic partnerships and innovation in the arts is essential to our survival. We believe the increased pressure to make commercially successful work in such an expensive place squelches artists' ability to innovate, experiment and explore. We want to create a new paradigm.



In Precarious Times, San Francisco Theater Artists Fight Back


Carla Escoda, Contributor

At Tuesday’s Arts Advocacy Rally at San Francisco’s City Hall, theatre artist Clove Galilee tells me she was standing in the crowd listening to speakers when a car drove by and the driver screamed, “Get a real JOB!”

“The ‘Artistic Class’ is under attack in our country,” observed Galilee, “and unfortunately the Bay Area – despite all its money, especially in the tech industry – does not seem to value the power of the arts enough.